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The proceedings will be published in Journal of Instrumentation (JINST).

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Topics details
A Fast neutron detectors
A1. Detector materials
A2. Instrumentation for neutron spectrometry and radiography
A3. Neutron detectors for basic nuclear and particle physics research
B Methods and facilities for the production of fast neutrons
B1. Accelerator-based neutron sources
B2. Neutron generators
B3. Reactor-based neutron sources
B4. Fast neutron source with laser
B5. Radionuclide sources
B6. Other neutron sources
C Simulation of detectors and fast neutron facilities
C1.Monte Carlo techniques
C2.Nuclear data relevant for design detectors and facilities
D Signal processing and data analysis techniques
D1. Digital spectrometry
D2. Spectrum unfolding
D3. Image processing
D4. Tomography
E Applications
E1. Fundamental science
E2. Non-destructive testing
E3. Nuclear energy and transmutation of waste
E4. Nuclear data measurement
E5. Fusion technology and diagnostics
E6. Security
E7. Medical applications

F Radiation Metrology

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